Representative Speakers

Bulent Aliriza
Diego E. Arria
Richard Atwood
James A. Baker III
Robert Blecher
John R. Bolton
Max Boot
Douglass Brinkley
Richard Butler
Andrew H. Card, Jr.
Henry E. Catto
James C. Clad
Isobel Coleman
Ryan C. Crocker
Lee Cullum
Edward P. Djerejian
Richard D. Downie
Lawrence Eagleberger
Eric Farnsworth
Stephen E. Flynn
Charles C. Foster
Nicola Fritz
Sumit Ganguly
Nile Gardiner
David Gergen
Eytan Gilboa
Luis Giusti
George W. Grayson
F. Gregory Cause III
Richard N. Haass
Husain Haqqani
Paul Heer
M. Diana Helweg Newton
Amos J Hochstein
Bobby R. Inman
Robert W. Jordan
Robert M. Kimmitt
Roger Kubarych
Michael Levi
Giselle Leung
Winston Lord
Sandra Mackey
Ussama Makdisi
Sebastian Mallaby
Clifford D. May
KT McFarland
Michael A. McFaul
Walter R. Mead
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart
Vali Nasr
Andrew S. Natsios
Shannon O’Neil
Emanuele Ottolenghi
Reza Pahlavi
Thomas R. Pickering
Susan Kaufman Purcell
Vicente Fox Quesada
Mary Robinson
David Rockefeller
Dennis Ross
Daniel F. Runde
Stephen Sestanovich
Amity Shlaes
Gillian Martin Sorensen
Peter J. Tanous
Jonathan Tapperman
Chase Untermeyer
Patrick M. Walsh
Murray A. Weidenbaum
Sidney Weintraub
Mark Wells
Bill White
Joel Wittenberg
Juan C. Zarate
Robert B. Zoellick

The Houston Committee on Foreign Relations was organized in 1937 by prominent Houston leaders, including Jesse Jones, Will Clayton and George Brown. These individuals, with the assistance of the Council on Foreign Relations of New York, dedicated the Committee to a mission similar to that of the Council: to promote a better understanding of United States trade and foreign policy and international affairs.

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