Membership Selection Procedures


The Houston Committee on Foreign Relations accepts nominations for membership on a rolling basis throughout the year. 

The Membership Committee considers more candidates than there are vacancies. Therefore, it is inevitable that some individuals will not be recommended for membership even though the individuals may be strong candidates.

Application Checklist

• Formal letter of nomination from an HCFR Member

• One or two seconding letters from HCFR Members

• Current resume

• All materials should be submitted via email to:


Nominating Letters

Letters nominating a candidate for consideration by the Membership Committee should address the following criteria, which have always been basic to the Committee's consideration of membership candidates:

• Intellectual attainment and expertise

• Degree of experience, interest, and current involvement in international affairs or in other areas affecting international affairs

• Promise of future achievement and service in international affairs

• Potential contributions to the Committee's work

• Desire and ability to participate in the Committee activities

• Standing among peers


Seconding letters or emails need not be as comprehensive as nominating letters, but should amplify why, in the opinion of the writer, a candidate should be considered for HCFR membership by addressing the above criteria or by providing other relevant information. Seconding letters or emails should also be from HCFR members.


Contact for all HCFR Correspondence:


Thomas D. McNeese, Ph.D.


Houston Committee on Foreign Relations

Post Office Box 1065

Houston, Texas 77251-1065

Telephone: (713) 818-6748

Fax: (832) 201-5693

The Houston Committee on Foreign Relations was organized in 1937 by prominent Houston leaders, including Jesse Jones, Will Clayton and George Brown. These individuals, with the assistance of the Council on Foreign Relations of New York, dedicated the Committee to a mission similar to that of the Council: to promote a better understanding of United States trade and foreign policy and international affairs.

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