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Houston Committee on Foreign Relations Mission and Goals

The Houston Committee on Foreign Relations (known as the Committee or HCFR), established in 1937, is dedicated to improving education and understanding in the Houston region of United States foreign policy and international affairs. It provides a forum for speeches by domestic and international public figures, stimulates discussion of current foreign relations issues by and among members, holds certain meetings involving members and members of the general public to discuss foreign relations issues, expects to publish (from time to time) briefings for the general public on foreign affairs, and provides online resources to the general public regarding foreign affairs issues in the Houston community. The HCFR intends to enhance international relations and the prospects for international peace, prosperity and harmony.

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The Houston Committee on Foreign Relations was organized in 1937 by prominent Houston leaders, including Jesse Jones, Will Clayton and George Brown. These individuals, with the assistance of the Council on Foreign Relations of New York, dedicated the Committee to a mission similar to that of the Council: to promote a better understanding of United States trade and foreign policy and international affairs.

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